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Recently, some time ago, on an unknown road, we found a slip named “Dear Lottery“. When we read it, it was written Nagaland State Dear Lottery, along with many other things written on it. That’s when an idea popped into our mischievous minds, and along with it, I went to Google Baba to find out the answer to the questions of this Nagaland State Lottery.

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Dear Lottery Old Result

Kolkata FF Fatafat

When we searched for Nagaland Dear Lottery here, we got a surprising answer. That’s when we found out that the slip we searched about is actually a state-wise lottery ticket, which is famous in India by various names other than Lottery News and Dear Lottery Result. After thorough research, we found that there are many big sites that are not providing complete information on this topic, so to fill this gap, we have created this site for lottery lovers, where through this webpage, our team will keep you informed about Dear Lottery results from time to time.

Dear Lottery Result Today 1pm, 6pm, 8pm

Whoever among you is looking for the Nagaland State Dear Lottery results, you have chosen the right web page because here you can see the lottery results morning, day, and evening according to the time.

As you all know, Nagaland State conducts the Dear Lottery three times daily, which can be viewed via live streaming on the Nagaland State Lottery official site on YouTube. After a few minutes, you can also download the lottery results in PDF format. In the PDF of Dear Lottery results, you can see four types of prize amounts. If the number of a ticket buyer matches with the lottery results, then one of the four prize amounts is awarded to the lottery winner.

Nagaland Dear Lottery Result Live

Nagaland Lottery Ticket: This is one of the most popular lottery games organized by the Nagaland State Government, This ticket is sold in the name of Dear Lottery and this game can be played only by the people living in Nagaland State. Dear lottery tickets can be bought thrice a day, All tickets have to be bought 30 minutes before the lottery result draw, and the lottery result is released on their official website or on their YouTube channel as per the time.

Dear Lottery Sambad Today Result 01:00 PM 06:00 PM & 08:00 PM

About Information Nagaland State Dear Lotteries Result

The Nagaland State Lottery was established in the year 1972 under the supervision of the State Government. It is legal to play lottery sambad tickets in the state of Nagaland, India.

Post NameDear Lottery Sambad Result Today 1 pm 6 pm 8 pm
Ticket NameDear Lottery
Draw Code6
State NameNagaland State Lotteries
Ticket PriceRs 6/-
1ST Prize1,00,000,00
Result DateEveryday
Result Time01:00 PM, 06:00 PM, 08:00 PM

Nagaland State Lotteries are Known by Many Names

Some time ago, the Dear Lottery Ticket was issued by different states, Apart from Nagaland State, Sikkim State Lotteries and West Bengal Lotteries were also very popular, often The people of Kolkata ff also used to play this ticket with great pleasure.

The main feature was the low price of the ticket and also the big price, which has now become the most favorite lottery game of the people, let’s look at its past.

Sikkim State Lottery

Earlier this game was also called the most popular lottery game played in Sikkim State which was organized under the supervision of the Sikkim Government, earlier This game was released only once a day from Sikkim State, whose time is Sikkim Lottery 11:55 AM used to be morning

West Bengal Lottery

As you all know the Dear Lottery is one of the most played tickets in West Bengal State, This lottery result was released at 4 pm which some people know as Lottery Sambad 04:00 PM Day Result.

Lottery Sambad Live

Lottery Sambad Live 1 pm, 6 pm, and 8 pm: As we search Lottery Sambad or Dear Lottery Result on Google, we see only Nagaland State Lottery Sambad Result. But you do not know that you can also see lottery Sambad results live. By Watching the live draw before the result,

you will know whether you have become a winner or not. This live draw starts 15 minutes earlier on Nagaland State Dear Lottery official channel which you can watch daily at 1 pm Lottery Sambad Morning 6 pm Dear. You can watch Day and 8 pm Lottery Sambad Evening live draw. Below you will get to see the live draw video.

Dhankesari Lottery 10.03.2024

Dhan Kesari is best known as a Hindi newspaper, mostly popular for its news, This compressed newspaper prominently airs the Dhankesari lotteries. Dhan Kesari was established in 1992 from the house of Vyapar Sandesh Only Hindi Business.

This is the daily newspaper from Uttar Pradesh since 1958 which is the most circulated lottery daily in the whole lottery business in daily readability.

Nagaland State Lottery Playing Details

Lottery NameDear Lottery Ticket Printed TimeLottery Timing Publishing Time
Dear Morning Lottery Result01:00 PMMorning Lottery01:10 PM
Dear Day Lottery Result06:00 PMAfternoon Lottery06:10 PM
Dear Evening Lottery Result08:00 PMEvening Lottery08:10 PM

Dear Lottery Result 1 pm

As we mentioned this game is played thrice every day first time Dear Lottery was played at Lottery Sambad 11:55 AM Morning and its lottery result time was 12:10 p.m.

but now the Nagaland Dear Lottery Sambad Result time has gone. Now the time printed on the lottery is 01:00 and you can check the result by visiting their official website or you can also download the lottery result pdf from here.

Dear Lottery Result 6 pm

A few days ago today, the lottery sambad live 6 pm lottery game was released at dear lottery 4 pm but its time has been changed to 6 pm day, If you have taken a dear day lottery ticket then you can match the result from here.

Dear Lottery Result 8 pm

By now you have known the morning and afternoon results of the dear lottery, we want to tell you that the state of Nagaland issues a dear lottery with a new name every day, which also includes the lottery ticket, if you have bought this dear lottery ticket at 8 pm Result.

If taken before o’clock, then you can match the lottery sambad 8 pm result through this website.

Dear Lottery Sambad New Prize List 2024

Name Prize Amount
1stRs. 1 Crore/-
Cons.Rs. 1,000/-
2ndRs. 9,000/-
3rdRs. 2,000/-
4thRs. 1,000/-
5thRs. 300/-
6thRs. 130/-

Nagaland Lottery Sambad Prize List

Name Of Ranks No. Of PrizesPrize Amount (in ₹) Super Prize Amount (in ₹)
1st1Rs. 1 Crore/-Rs. 1,00,000/-
Cons.699Rs. 1,000/-Rs. 500/-
2nd7,000Rs. 9,000/-Rs. 500/-
3rd70,000Rs. 450/-Rs. 50/-
4th70,000Rs. 250/-Rs. 20/-
5th7,00,000Rs. 120/-Rs. 10/-

Nagaland Dear Lottery Timetable

Name Of Days 1 PM (Morning)6 PM (Day/Afternoon)8 PM (Evening/Night)
MondayDear Ganga MorningDear SunDear Flamingo Evening
TuesdayDear Teesta MorningDear MoonDear Parrot Evening
WednesdayDear Torsa MorningDear MercuryDear Eagle Evening
ThursdayDear Padma MorningDear VenusDear Falcon Evening
FridayDear Hooghly MorningDear EarthDear Vulture Evening
SaturdayDear Kosai MorningDear MarsDear Ostrich Evening
SundayDear Damodar MorningDear JupiterDear Hawk Evening
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The results displayed on this website have been taken from their official websites and, for any kind of information visit their official website Therefore, this website does not sell or sell lottery of any kind, so you yourself will be responsible if there is any kind of financial problem.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1.. Is lottery legal in India?

Ans: It is legal to play the lottery in many states of India, out of which Nagaland State comes first, besides West Bengal State Lottery, Sikkim State Lottery, Manipur Lottery, Punjab State Lottery, Bhutan State, Assam Teer Result, Kerala Lottery Result, etc.

Q2. What is The Dear Lottery?

Ans: It is the most played popular game organized by Nagaland State.

Q3. Who Can Play Dear Lottery Sambad?

Ans: Only people of Nagaland state can play this lottery game.

Q4. How to Play the Mode Nagaland Lottery?

Ans: You can play this game in two ways, the first way you can play online, and the second way it is also played offline.

Q5. Where to buy a Nagaland State dear lottery ticket?

Ans: You can buy a Nagaland lottery ticket from your local market, for this, you have to meet an authorized distributor or you can meet a local agent.

Q6. How to check the lottery Sambad Ticket Live Result?

Ans: It is very easy to see lottery sambad fax, follow the steps given below-
#Step 1. You have to go to any browser on your phone or laptop.
Ex. Google Chrome, Opera, UC Browser, Brave Browser, etc
#Step 2.  Now type in Url-
Now Type Our Website URL
#Step 3. Now you will come to the home page of the website.
#Step 4. Click on the button (01:00, 06:00, 08:00) of the time for which you have taken the ticket and you will go to that page.
#Step 5. Click on the button Download PDF File and the file will be downloaded in a few seconds.